Dimension Air

A project in collaboration with Mediamatic Amsterdam to provide a three-night fine dining event. The project involved 18+ people and ran all sides of the event, including, dishes, choreography, sound, lighting and marketing. I was involved at the first stages with the development of the inter-dimensional airline concept. My role now mainly focusses on providing the soundscape for the night as well as helping with visuals and choreography.

Ceramic Minor

A research into developing a technique to allow complete freedom when creating ceramic shapes. The concept was born from a desire to translate sketches directly into objects, and push the boundaries of conventional ceramic mould making. The technique uses sewn together fabric that is used as a mould. This process enables the casting of both plaster and clay. In current development are moulds that are easily removable and reusable.

A Future for Fish

In collaboration with Anna Diljá Sigurðardóttir this project explores vegetarian fish alternatives. With so many alternatives to meat, why is there such a lack of fish substitutes when the fish industry creates parrallel environmental issues? The project experimented with ways in which the experience of eating fish could be replicated. We focussed primarily on nutritional value and fish texture, providing an alternative which is both aesthetically and nutritionaly very similar. This project was part of the Embassy of Food during the Dutch Design Week 2017

Sex Dinner

Working within a group we created a three part sexual dining experience. The project focussed on creating dishes which when placed on the body, would create a multi-sensory but also sensual experience. The flavours incorporated aphrodisiacs which intensified as you worked up the arm. This event showed me the excitement of creating an event which a live audience experiences and was the beginning of me understanding the different factors involved when designing for a public audience.

High Fidelity Research

An applied research group project to take on the newly developed digital platform of High Fidelity. We designed alter egos and 3D scanned these to create avatars. In this way we were able to meet other users and conduct our research. We were primarily focussed on understanding how public space is used differently in the virtual world and who is using it. During our research we were able to do in-world interviews and even participate in meetings held by Philip Rosedale, the CEO of High Fidelity, and other members of the team. As a result we presented our findings in a book and created a video depicting our transgression into this virtual world

Aqua Terra

A project exploring aquaponics and hydroponics and how to bring these into the home. Using low tech solutions I designed an electricity free fridge, taking advantage of the natural cooling properties of sand and terra-cotta. The fridge would be supplied by its own aquaponic grow bed.


After receiving an email from my grandfather to inform me he had found a new girlfriend. I used a trip home to try to rationalise my feelings towards this new relationship.

PAMELA from sorrel madley on Vimeo.


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